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Pro DVI Fiber Kits

Over the years we have used several different fiber options to carry computer signals over long distances from not so nearby sources and to feed signal out to projection. We are very confident in our current offerings as the most robust and reliable solution to carry DVI signals over a long distance.

The Lightware fiber system used supports up to 1080p and 2k signals. The transmitter includes a local output which proves very helpful in troubleshooting while allowing you to monitor the actual signal being fed to the transmitter. The receiver includes Pixel Accurate Reclocking for strong signal integrity and a built in 1×2 DA so you can feed your double stacked projectors from a single transmission set. The TX and RX are linked with a sturdy ST multimode fiber connection (ST is the fiber connection that that is metal and locks like a mini BNC).

Each Kit Contains:

(5) Lightware DVI Fiber Transmitters. DVI-OPT-TX220-ST-Pro.

(5) Lightware DVI Fiber Receivers. DVI-OPT-RX220-ST-Pro

(2) 100-meter 6 strand ST fiber cables

(1) 50-meter 6 strand ST fiber cable

(1) Set of fiber barrels to connect breakout cables and extend fiber further