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Delivering Corporate Events with the disguise VX4 + Media Server

The Game Changer : disguise VX 4+

Corporate events are designed to be memorable experiences for both hosts and guests. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment to make your event successful. When it comes to delivering large format video content for corporate events, few pieces of equipment can match the disguise VX 4+ media server. Here’s why this is the best choice for delivering corporate event video content.

Powerful Processing Capabilities

The disguise VX 4+ media server is designed with powerful processing capabilities that allow you to deliver high-quality video content without any hiccups or delays. This is especially useful when it comes to delivering large format videos as they require significant resources to run smoothly. The VX 4+ has a 3.1GHz Xeon processor, 128GB RAM and a powerful GPU for high quality rendering of multiple 4K video outputs– giving you more than enough power to deliver stunning visuals at your next corporate event.

Disguise vx 4+ media server rental

Pre-production Visualizer

The disguise Designer software is a premium 3D visualizer that enables you to create a real-time, pixel accurate representation of your entire environment including the stage, projection surfaces and LED screens. This allows you to see exactly how your show will look with screen content before you ever step foot on show site. This is an invaluable tool to make sure you are prepared to deliver success at your next corporate event.

Scalable System

Finally, the disguise VX 4+ media server is a scalable system that can easily accommodate larger video formats without sacrificing performance or quality. The system can scale up from 4K resolution all the way up to 8K resolution and beyond– making it perfect for large-scale displays like LED walls, projection mapping, and immersive environments. The VX 4+ comes with 4x 4K video outputs with the ability to link multiple servers as part of the system to scale up to many synchronized 4K outputs in the same show file so you can run large scale video and LED displays with seamless high quality video playback.


The disguise VX 4+ media server offers powerful processing capabilities, real-time rendering abilities, and scalability – making it an ideal choice for delivering large format videos at corporate events. With its impressive specs and features, the VX 4+ ensures that your event will be professional, memorable, and most importantly – successful! Whether you’re putting on a live show or hosting a product launch presentation or awards show, invest in renting the disguise VX 4+ media server today! You won’t regret it!