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ROSS Carbonite Rental  Systems

The ROSS Carbonite Ultra switcher operates in 12G or 3G modes and includes 24 physical inputs and 14 physical outputs. Included upgrades for the Ultra are 2nd ME, 4 Multiviewer with format convertors/frame shakers and Proc amp/color correction on all I/O in 3G mode.

In 3G mode the Ultra supports 2 Full ME and 4 Mini ME, 24 inputs, 10 assignable outputs plus 4 Multiviewer outputs.

In 12G mode the Ultra supports 1 Full ME and 2 Mini ME, 18 inputs, 10 assignable outputs plus 2 Multiviewer outputs.

The core of the HRE ROSS Carbonite Ultra system includes the Ultra switcher and Blackmagic 80×80 12G-SDI router. The Ultra switcher is pre-wired to the router and must not be dismantled in the field. The 14 Ultra outputs are wired to the first 14 inputs of the Output router. The first 24 Outputs of the Input router are wired to the 24 inputs on the Ultra. This is contained in the main 10RU switcher rack.

A second 10RU Engineering rack contains a 6RU 12G-SDI Lilliput monitor, router control panel and Tektronix 12G Prism MPS-100 Scope with four 12G-SDI inputs. The Prism waveform monitor includes the following licenses: 4K, 12G, Multi-channel SDI, signal generator and includes extended vector known as the lightning pattern.

Both the switcher rack and engineering rack and designed as short depth and ship within a single pull over lid style road case that is roughly 32x32x24 inches making this system portable and easy to ship directly to show site with our standard freight courier.

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ROSS Carbonite Ultra Switcher Rental

Watch the quick setup video!

ROSS Carbonite Ultra Switcher Rental
ROSS Carbonite Ultra Switcher Rental