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HRE Spyder X80 Systems

Introducing the HRE Christie Spyder X80 Systems

Experience the cutting-edge in video  processor and screen switching technology with the Christie Spyder X80. As our latest and most powerful package, the Spyder X80 is designed to elevate your visuals to new heights.

Equipped with 24 inputs and 16 outputs, these fully populated systems ensure you can make the most of the remarkable 80-million-pixel capacity of the X80. Say goodbye to limitations as all inputs and outputs can effortlessly handle 4k@60 signals simultaneously.

With the ability to mix and match 1080p, 2k, and 4k signals within the same system, the Spyder X80 offers unparalleled versatility.

As the leading provider of Spyder X80 screen switching system rentals for corporate and live events, HRE is your trusted partner for seamless performances across the USA.

Contact us today for expert assistance in designing your next Spyder X80 show.

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Christie Spyder X80 System Rentals
Christie Spyder X80 System Rentals
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Christie Spyder X80 System Rentals