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Video Equipment Rentals for Live Events and Productions


disguise vx 4+ Media Server Rentals

Industry leading media servers for demanding live events

Route Everything!

With the Blackmagic VideoHub 80x80 12G-SDI Router


ROSS Carbonite Rental Packages

Fly packs that are easily shipped built for speed, flexibility and reliable for your event


Spyder X80 Rental Systems

Everything you need for success on your big show!


Lightware 4K@60 HDMI 2.0 Routers

True 4k@60 RGB 444 18Gbps support on all inputs and outputs


Expert show support for live events

Experienced professional show support for corporate events and live events


HRE is the premier specialized provider of high-end video processing, screen switching, video signal management, media servers and control technologies and services to the live events industry.

We provide customized rental packages as well as system design and expert onsite show support services to engineer, program, switch and play back content for large screen and multiscreen presentations and events.

Equipment Rentals

  • System packages
  • Video Processors
  • Screen Switching Systems
  • Video Production Switchers
  • Camera Switchers
  • Media Servers
  • Video Playback Solutions
  • Video Signal Management
  • Video Matrix Routers

Event Services

  • Video Engineering
  • High Resolution Video Engineering
  • Screen Switching
  • Media Server Programming, Engineering and Operation
  • Pre-production, media and system planning